A place with endless new possibilities.
More than just amazing facilities. An entirely new way of thinking about living-spaces!

We believe that Social Apartment represents a new standard in what life in a shared property can look like.

It’s our philosophy that living with others can be one of the most fruitful and formative experiences one can have. With that in mind, we’ve meticulously designed our properties to have the perfect blend of private space and public interaction, and we are committed to providing a shared environment that is of an exceedingly high quality.

Enjoying both community and exclusivity is the essence of the Social Apartment lifestyle!

A seamless connection of Public and Private.

A type of space that is neither a simple one-man apartment nor a basic Share House.

Social Apartments provide the perfect blend of public and private space to offer you with a new way of living. With your private room kept perfectly separate, feel free to enjoy the public spaces to meet with friends on your own terms.

This new balance of social and private provides opportunities for you to meet new people, forge new relationships, and enjoy the full spectrum of human interaction, all from the comfort of your own home.


· Social Apartment Development, Operation and Management
· Social Apartment Franchise Development
· Social Apartment Project Consulting

Comparison with a One-Room Apartment

img_01 img_02
Feel confined Enjoy your own private room + all the advantages of shared features and amenities
Lack of space Bring more fulfilling social interactions to residents lives
No communication Natural connection with your neighbors
No meaningful relationship with your neighbors Expand your world by interacting with a new community
No support in case of immediate trouble There is always someone nearby for emotional support
Dependence on security systems Peace of mind in case of immediate trouble


img_03 img_02
Usually wooden building or old structure Reinforced concrete or steel frame structure building
Little Privacy
- Paper thin walls
- Have to go through the living room to enter your room
Perfect Privacy Balance
- Concrete walls
- Direct access to your room without going through the living space
No freedom, Stress Friendly & Welcoming Community
Can get easily distracted or bothered by small problems Finest environment possible for forging relationships
Dip in the quality and design due to costs saving We strive to create the kind of designer spaces that our residents can be excited to live in


Meet Local, Feel Global. Lifestyle Hotels where the World can connect with Locals.

Utilizing our accumalated experience from our Social Apartment Development & Management, we wanted to cultivate environments that facilitate human interaction and creativity, no matter of the cultural background or language. A place where travelers from all around the world would gather and simply exchange.

By combining our strong knowledge on the concepts of both "Stay" and "Exchange", we strive to create a new interactive way of experiencing our hotels.

The ultimate goal is to interact with Locals

The best memories during a trip are undoubtedly the ones made with locals. Travelers from overseas can easily enjoy cultural exchange with Japanese people and other fellow traverlers by staying at our different lifestyle hotels.

We believe that our customers only deserve the best, so we strive to create the ultimate experience hotel for their stay with us.


· Hotel Development, Operation and Management


A Cafe right at your door-step

"Exciting & Comfortable dining experience at your door-step"… That's the concept where we wanted to develop our new dining style.

Our Cafe & Restaurant offers quality food and drink, as well as warm hospitality with casual prices to enrich your everyday life.

Enjoy a simple coffee, a dinner with your friends or order your food for take-out... Simplify your lifestyle the way you want!

A bridge between Tenants and Locals

Socializing has never been easier! By bringing a cafe in our property, we are aiming to improve our residents life by transforming a daily task into a Social & Fun experience!

Share your lifestyle and develop real relationships with the locals. There is no better way to understand the Japanese way of thinking and Japanese culture than to live and interact with Japanese people. Our tenants and Japanese locals are learning new things from each other every day. And with the strong relationships they forge at Social Apartments, our tenants are ready for whatever life in Japan may throw at them.


· Cafe & Restaurant Development, Operation and Management


Leading communication between companies and users with real social interaction.

We are able to use Social Apartment and our Hotels' shared facilities such as our lounges or in-house cafes to promote companies and exclusive products.

Many large companies trust our services and have offered to collaborate with us. We offer the chance to promote products that a person living alone wouldn't normally have the chance to use, leading them to a possible future purchase and long-term use.

Using Social Medias to naturally convey information.

Everyone who gathers at an event usually shares common points of interest.
By using our different Social Media platforms, we are able to quickly spread an information and target various spheres in order to reach users in numerous ways.

Furthermore, by linking Social Apartment and Social Medias, we can naturally convey information or product via organic usage.


・ Promotion Event for Companies, products, brands, etc.
・ Implementation of various marketing tests for our tenants
・ Lending our facilities as filming locations